As an established and experienced facilitator.  Debbie provides support to small or larger groups in a variety of settings and organisations.  Debbie will be involved in the planning. This will ensure you receive the best outcome in respect of the invested time and the people you have, so when you come together to meet, to solve, to create, to develop, to decide and plan – you end up with a desired outcome!
No matter how complex the issue, how many people you have involved, how challenging and how diverse the task in hand.               

Debbie is also an accredited trainer in the Fusion Coaching programme. Working with individuals and Businesses the model offers a variety of solution focused programmes.  

Individuals :
 – Bespoke five week programme structured to your specific goals and desired outcomes.
 – One off sessions working with specific areas of concern.
 – 30 minute introductory “Taster” sessions

Corporate & Small Businesses 
We can help bring focus back onto the business itself.  Looking at the balance of marketing the business versus everyday necessities. We will work with you and your teams offering insight in terms of improving business efficiency and time management. The service is offered as a consultancy basis and offers Individual, half or one day workshops .

Feedback and evaluations is a key tool for ensuring our training service meets the needs and requirements of the client.
Therefore improvements are always being made to ensure a first class delivery in all areas be it facilitating or training.

The prices of the workshop will be based on specific requirements.  

SECASS – The Model of Bereavement

 Following years of working within palliative care Debbie has gained extensive knowledge in the area of bereavement and loss.  Working initially at her local hospice as a befriender and then going onto work as a counsellor supporting the palliative care teams at several hospices.  She also has significant experience with client’s experiences other forms of loss.
Debbie is mindful that often the support provided to those encountering a loss is time limited.  However as many of you reading this will agree you cannot put a time limit on the Grieving process. We aim to dispel grief myths and help others understand that the grieving process will not be over in a day, week, month or even a year.

We all experience bereavement and loss differently and therefore one therapeutic solution cannot fit all. The SECASS model offers stand-alone,  bespoke training workshops providing individuals and professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help and support the bereaved enabling them to navigate their way out of the immeasurable void of grief.
Debbie often describes bereavement as a Mystery tour. It’s a “journey”, where you are never quite sure of the destination or how long it will take.  Will you travel alone or with others?  Sometimes being able to provide a client or individual with the basis of the psychological understanding of Grief may enable them to have a greater sense as to why they are feeling a certain way.
Debbie has spent several years developing the model.  The concept looks at Bereavement as a whole. The associated feelings and practicalities of the grieving process.  The emotional impact, the unexpected and what the future may hold.
The model has been written to be flexible providing :-
– Support to individuals clients working therapeutically on a 1 – 1 basis.
– Provide new and additional skills and tools to those employed in the various aspects of health and palliative care.
Theory based training to Counsellors and Therapists offering the skills and tools to utilise within their therapeutic work when working with clients experiencing loss.
Our bespoke training explores the psychological, emotional and behavioral impact of bereavement on adults and young people; using problem-solving activities and utilising creative methods of working to explore and develop the skills necessary to help those bereaved.
The Bereavement Model can be adapted to run as an individual bespoke programme.  Alternatively it can be adjusted dependent upon needs and delivered as a one day workshop.  Several agencies have opted to run as a workshop over several weeks.

The prices of the workshop will be based on specific requirements.

Please contact us at SECASS Ltd for information on all of the above.