Life at times can be challenging. Events and experiences can result in us feeling isolated, impacting on everyday living.  We may experience anxiety, depression and question our confidence and ability to cope.  We often describe ourselves as feeling;

  • Uncover obstacles that may be holding you back
  • Make time for family and friends – but more importantly make time for you
  • Look at the possibility of learning new skills or activities
  • Decide if it’s time for a career change or break
  • Really think about your current circumstances and bring about positive changes

Personal Coaching
A holistic approach which offers an opportunity to observe all areas of your life be it, business, career, relationships health and wellbeing.  Debbie will work alongside you facilitating achievable and realistic changes and actions that are necessary to create and sustain a more balanced and fulfilling life.  Using motivational tools enabling you to become empowered and take control of your desired outcome(s) and acknowledge your full potential. She will help you achieve this by recognising what currently is working well in addition to exploring the areas that need attending to will facilitate the. 
Debbie offers personal coaching on a one to one basis; this can be face to face, over the telephone, online or a combination of all three depending on an individual’s preference. Sessions generally last between 60-90 minutes

Coming from a business background with over 20 years experience as a Senior Manager within the Finance sector Debbie is only to aware of the effects of daily pressures and constraints.  With this background and her skills as a trained therapist she is able to provide organisations the benefits of Coaching with the underpinning of therapeutic support. 
Debbie offers alternative levels of coaching.  Executive and Corporate. Both Executive and Corporate coaching have been proven to dramatically reduce number of days lost to stress increasing happier more committed work force and an increase in productivity and turnover.

 Executive Coaching
A solution focused way of working with key managers and executives within organisations on a one to one basis.  The desired outcome is bridging the gap between performance and potential.  By listening to the organisation needs and developing and enhancing existing skills of the individual(s) to close the gaps that may exist.   The benefits to individual staff members include areas better levels of communication.  Enabling key staff to become more empowered and self-sufficient in relation to strategy and planning requirements. In-turn key managers can become more empowering and motivational in their managing of teams, reducing stress and conflict.

 Corporate Coaching
Corporate coaching reviews the business in its entirety. Looking at the Company’s core values, vision, ethos and mission.  Debbie will observe and explore with key individuals to ascertain the areas that would benefit from change and improvement.  Benefits can lead to increase in company growth, performance and job satisfaction.  The company can become more desirable to potential employees lower staff turnover and related costs.  Reduce staff sickness and overall enhance the reputability of the company.

Please contact the service for further information on training and fees.