Often the unexpected in our lives an event, life experience or Trauma may have a negative impact leading to feelings of distress, unhappiness and general overbearing. This can then impact on day to day living.  There is no need to feel alone and isolated. Research shows that the use of talking therapy can offer support during difficult times and lessen associated emotional stress.  Counselling and Coach therapy can provide clients with coping mechanisms and tools enabling them to move on with life.   Counselling is not about giving advice but about supporting you to find your own answers.
The past does not have to be your future.
At South Eastern Counselling services Clients are seen in a safe, confidential environment. We have offices in Faversham, Canterbury and Margate offering privacy and discretion.

South Eastern Counselling services can offer support with:-
Bereavement and loss
Anger management
Stress management
Relationship problems
Eating disorders
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Family issues
Depression and mental ill health
Physical, sexual, emotional abuse
Low self-esteem / panic attacks / anxiety

The Consultation
Our initial consultation provides an opportunity for you to talk with an experienced therapist about your needs and expectations and help agree the best way forward.
It is recommended an initial series of 6 to 12 weekly sessions, longer periods may be necessary
Sessions are of 50/60 minutes duration and progress is regularly reviewed.

The First session
The first session is a start point for you to decide if you feel therapy will be able to help. In addition to this and as importantly, to establish if you feel comfortable can work with your therapist.
You will discuss your particular concerns and explore the changes you would like to make along with how you would like your life to be once you achieve what you set out to do in therapy.