Occasionally relationships can become full of tension,and conflict. Poor communication is normally a key factor. Many individuals struggle with a feeling of not being listened to, or that they are not being understood.  This sense of frustration can lead to argument and blame.
The first step to bring about change is having courage to acknowledge that you need some support.  At South Eastern Counselling services we can set about introducing the process of “listening” and a commitment to understand points of view on both sides. Exploring productive and positive ways of communicating to each other.
Debbie will see individuals and couples.  Offering a safe and confidential setting in which to explore your difficulties and to help relationship issues such as:- Infidelity & affairs.  ‘Stuck’ relationships.  Intimacy.  Jealousy and suspicion. Breaks Up’s & Divorce. The purpose of Couples Therapy is to help you stay together unless you expressly wish to separate, in which case, Relationship Counselling can help you to do so more amicably.


Life at times can be challenging. We may all at some time encounter events or life experiences that leave us feeling out of sorts, slightly off balance and occasionally with a sense of isolation.  Some experiences despite being in our past, can have a significant emotional impact on everyday living.  Resulting in the generation of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger and frustration. Leading to the questioning of our ability and confidence to cope.  The first step is to recognise you need some support. Well done, by exploring this page you have taken the first step.

Debbie offers a supportive and safe environment in which to explore and better understand the emotional connection to the event or experience(s).  This confidential and supportive space enables you to express, reflect and gain a better understanding of thoughts and feelings freely without fear of being judged.  The therapeutic process will assist you in gaining a clearer understanding and lead to greater sense of self-awareness enabling you to take back control of your life.


Do you find yourself :

  • Pondering
  • Having a desire to make changes
  • Feeling stuck & unsure of which direction to go
  • Wanting to change but feeling overwhelmed 
    Personal Coaching is a conversational approach. Providing strategies & techniques for making positive changes. Coaching can be vital when making key decisions:- career transition, improving personal & team performance, building confidence or achieving a better work-life balance.  It focuses on the present and future rather than in the past.
    Debbie also offers coaching at Corporate and Executive level.  Working alongside the Fusion coaching model she ascertains the current position and desired outcomes setting tailored, measurable & achievable goals to aid in getting you to that position. 


ECHO has recently embarked on a journey to establish a robust and strong support service for bereaved families; we worked with Debbie to review our support strategy and implement our bereavement plans.
Debbie has helped us accomplish our goal to support parents and carers of children with congenital heart disease through bereavement and is able to shift the focus between direct work with parents, staff, volunteers and children when needed whilst maintaining a strong connection with the values of our organisation. Working with Debbie we have been able to introduce the United in Grief support within our organisation and provide both community days and bereavement workshops, Debbie expertly utilises a variety of techniques and approaches based on the groups or individual’s situation, which gives her the unique ability to work effectively with whatever arises.
Samantha Johnson. Chief Executive, ECHO
Debbie Howe
Debbie has facilitated the Bereavement Weekends at Minster Abbey over the past two years. Providing counselling support to a group of approximately 10 participants. Debbie’s skills have proved invaluable to the group. She has much experience of dealing with a great variety of people and always brings sensitivity and sound common-sense to the proceedings. She has assisted in the preparations of our residential weekends, offering imaginative ideas, identifying potential problem-areas and finding workable solutions to tackle these. She speaks confidently with the voice of experience with the group and offers one-to-one meetings with participants who always express gratitude for her input.
As a member of a team, she shows compassion, the ability to adapt to circumstances, the necessary professional detachment and wisdom in her dealings both with helpers and participants. We have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Mrs Maud Matley MA (Oxon)
Sister Benedict Gaughan OSB

Debbie Howe
To whom it may concern
An unexpected by-product of my recent retirement was time to ruminate. Upsetting thoughts about the death of my father more than 20 years ago emerged from my ‘mental archive’.
I attended a bereavement retreat where Debbie was a facilitator. I found the few short 1-on1 sessions I spent with her extremely helpful. However it was apparent that the time at the retreat was insufficient to discuss the scope of my strong emotions. I had some follow-up sessions with Debbie to explore the issues more deeply. Her professional experience, guidance, counsel and sensitivity gave me relevant strategies to cope with strong emotional upset, techniques to moderate the effects and paths to explore my grief and place it in a helpful personal context.
As we found out, often it is not possible to discuss these matters in helpful way within a family. The shared emotions get in the way; you never really say what you need to say. An external sounding board, free from the pervading group dynamic, is sometimes much more useful.
I unreservedly recommend Debbie Howe to anyone who needs to confide with confidence on issues related to bereavement and end-of-life.

(Civil Engineer – semi-retired)

Debbie Howe
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